Invitations to outdoor parties and get-togethers are about to be flooding into your mailbox. We here at Fun For Everyone know how excited you can get once you lock eyes with a moon bounce upon arrival to a party. Children aren’t the only ones who get excited by that big inflated house of fun. Adults can also be eager to let loose and play amongst the little ones.

Fun For Everyone is the perfect destination for all of your bounce house and rental needs in Philadelphia.

So before you go out and get all bruised up from the moon bounce at your nephew’s communion party, here are a few tips to help make the party better for you and everyone else in attendance:

Know your limitations – Sorry but no, you aren’t in your teens again. Before you go jumping up and down like a crazed man leaving work on Friday, remember that you’re not the young whippersnapper that you once were. Your body is going to need much more time to recover from a day of acting like a child. You don’t want to be the person who has to call out of work on Monday because he hasn’t been able to move since Saturday. Take it slow and know when to say enough is enough.

Don’t embarrass yourself – Your family members may know that you’re still the goof in the family, but maybe not everyone at the party knows that. You may think you’re having a ball with the kids, but the cute girl/guy you never met may just believe that there is a fully grown child at the party. Not the best first impression.

They’re for relaxation – Family parties are meant for relaxation. The kids get to run around and play with the other kids while the parents get to sit back enjoy a beverage and catch up with family and friends they have not seen in awhile. We’re not saying we don’t want the adults to have fun and help release their inner child, but nothing ruins the vibe of the party like needing to call for an ambulance when a parent breaks a leg.

Be the disc jockey – No party is complete without some good tunes. Being the DJ is the safest move you can make at a party. When you’re in charge of supplying the music, there is no chance you’ll get injured or embarrass yourself on the moon bounce. Sit back, play some Black Eyed Peas, and just enjoy the party.

It’s for the kids – Not to be confused with Penn State’s THON slogan (FTK “For the Kids”), family parties are all about entertaining the children. Don’t scare away the kids by taking part in the fun activities planned. You can have fun, but please do so gingerly.

Now that you’ve read our tips to help minimize embarrassment, and of course, injury at your next family party, go out and enjoy yourself with your loved ones and friends. If you’re looking to plan your next party, we hope you choose Fun For Everyone. We offer great deals on bounce house and inflatable slide rentals in the Philadelphia area.