When it comes to kids’ parties and celebrations, bouncy castles are a great form of entertainment, but they’re not necessarily just for children. As the leading provider of moon bounce rentals in Bucks County, PA, we’ve listed our favorite reasons to rent an inflatable for your special occasion during the fall season.

Church Festivals

During the fall, churches all over the world get ready for their autumn festivals. Inflatable slides, moonwalks, and bounce castles are the perfect way to keep children entertained while giving parents time to relax and mingle. Children can make new friends while they enjoy themselves during the festival. Multiple families gather at church festivals, allowing adults and children to mix with members of the congregation they might not know. Inflatables are especially beneficial for children that are lacking in interactive skills.

Birthday Parties

Moonbounces make birthday parties an unforgettable occasion for children, even throughout the fall months. Even if the weather is chilly, children won’t feel a draft while they bounce away on inflatables, burning all those sugar calories. Bouncy castles are not a luxury reserved exclusively for kids with summertime birthdays; they can be appreciated all year round.

School Harvest Festivals

Many schools celebrate the fresh seasonal produce that fall brings by throwing a harvest festival. These festivals can be great occasions to raise cash for the school and other local charities via fundraising activities. By renting an inflatable such as a moonbounce or an inflatable slide in Philadelphia, PA, schools can generate extra revenue by charging an admission fee for the experience. While parents are busy showcasing and purchasing arts and crafts and the finest locally grown produce, schools can raise money for new equipment and resources while their kids have a great time using the inflatables.

Corporate Team Building Events

Team building events focus on helping coworkers band together as a unit using various exercises and challenges. Fall is a big season for outdoor team-building exercises as the weather is cooler but not quite as cold as it will become in the winter. Running through inflatable obstacles or letting loose in a bouncy castle are perfect ways to introduce some out-of-the-ordinary excitement to a team-building event this fall.

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