As a trusted provider of tent rental services in Montgomery County, PA, we cater to all types of events. From weddings to bar/bat mitzvahs, our team will assemble and dismantle any tent from our inventory. Tents keep guests safe from unfavorable weather conditions such as heavy rain or intense heat while keeping any mess contained to a specific area. They’re affordable, convenient, and can be installed on many surfaces.

If you have a tent for an upcoming wedding or another occasion, below are some ideas that you can consider when decorating to make the event extra special!

Fishing Line Can be Fabulous

Fishing line isn’t just great for catching sea creatures, it’s also useful for hanging decorations to match your event’s theme. It’s durable, lightweight, and pretty much invisible to the naked eye. You can hang Chinese lanterns, garland, or even flowers from the underside of your tent using fishing line. We’ve also seen people hang pictures of their guests above their seats at the dinner table.

Branches are Beautiful

Bring nature into your celebration by attaching small trees or branches from your favorite tree to the outer or center poles of your tent. A popular option is Birch trees. Enthusiastic event planners often add fairly lights by entwining them around the branches. This brings a beautiful atmosphere into the party area and delivers guests back to nature.

Lanterns are Enchanting

If you want to create an aura of cozy ambiance in your tent, lanterns are a great addition to your party decor. They can be strung in many different ways, with various colors, sizes, and amounts from which to choose. Work with a lighting professional to decide on how many lanterns you will need. Too many can be overbearing, and too few can look like a rushed afterthought. Bear in mind that although lamps look the part, you may need extra lighting as they are not a powerful source of light.

String Lights Add Sparkle

Many of us adore Christmas lights for the nostalgia that they can conjure up in our thoughts. String lights can add romance to your celebration if placed strategically across the tent. They can also be wrapped around the poles and strung from peak to peak.

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