As the sun shines stronger this summer, the Philadelphia area is beckoning for a superhero to save the day by providing a way to cool off. Luckily for Pennsylvania, Fun For Everyone is fighting the heatwave one water inflatable at a time. There are numerous reasons to celebrate this June, July, and August. From graduations to camp field days, kids across the region are longing for a way to have fun outside without overheating.

Here are some ways we can help: (drumroll please…)

  • Dunk Tanks – Reward the birthday boy/girl by placing them on the tank’s seat. They can egg on their friends and see who can be the first to dunk them.
  • Big Water Slide – Easy to climb up, easier to slide down. This awesome attraction leaves participants in a pool of water to keep them relaxed and refreshed every time.
  • Obstacle Courses – Race your buddies as water sprays your way. Don’t slip… every second counts in the race for bragging rights!
  • Dual Slides – Simultaneously slide side-by-side your pals. You can even make a game of it to see who gets to the bottom first. Yet another competition where there are no losers.

After you and your rambunctious bunch of buddies are done goofing off, you’ll likely have quite the appetite. From cotton candy to complete catering, we have you covered. We also have an enormous selection of traditional moon bounce rentals in Bucks County, PA, which can keep you drier than the above-mentioned amusements. The same goes for all of the neighboring counties! Whether you want a moon bounce in Montgomery County, PA, or a dunk tank in Philadelphia, give us a call today!

Fun for Everyone

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*We are fully licensed and insured in Pennsylvania. The safety of your event and loved ones are of utmost importance. We have a PA licensed certified inspector on staff, and we educate and train all staff members thoroughly in all areas of safety.