Bounce the day away with Fun For Everyone this summer. Kids of all ages love nothing more than getting airborne with friends and family.

There are so many to choose from that picking the right attraction(s) for your bash can get overwhelming. That’s why we are here to make life easy and outline some of the newest and coolest inflatable activities ideal for any special occasion.

Here are five incredible inflatables perfect for your backyard BBQ:

    1. Inflatable Sumo Wrestling – Strap on that rubber sumo suit for a good time, every time. Just add air! Pump up your belly, toss aside your shoes, and run directly into your friends with hopes of tossing them out of the circle to achieve victory! Whether you win, lose, or draw, your sumo match is sure to be a memory (and photo opportunity) perfect for social media.
    2. The Water Slide – Who doesn’t like a slide? Seriously. It’s too fun not to love. Climbing your way to the top is an adventure in itself. And the reward? A refreshing ride down the slide into a mini pool. Wet, wild and wonderful entertainment for summer birthdays, camp field days, and any occasion you can think of.
    3. Jousting – One on one jousting while standing on a narrow platform. Balance meets strength meets strategy meets FUN. Try to knock your opponent onto the inflatable ground without falling. Perfect for settling a sibling rivalry or providing entertainment for guests who just want to watch.
    4. Moon Bounces – Gravity is overrated. Parents can have peace of minding knowing that their children are safely springing up and down while being professionally monitored by the Fun For Everyone expert staff.
    5. Obstacle Courses – Slow and steady wins the race. Just kidding. Fast and rambunctious does. Plus, there truly are no losers when everybody has a blast.


These are just a handful of the epic options available by Fun For Everyone. If you want a consistent theme to your party, let us know. We have experience with dozens of themes including princess, pirate, cowboy, circus, carnival, robots, sports, and way more choices to choose from!

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