Did you know that you can rent a food cart for your Bucks County, PA party? At Fun for Everyone, we offer tons of amazing entertainment options that both children and adults will love. Here are five fun party ideas that pair perfectly with a food cart snack.

Turn Your Backyard Into a Movie Theater

Watching a film in the summer air can feel magical, so if your child loves to go the movies, why not turn your backyard into a movie theater for one unforgettable night? Once you pick the perfect projector (you can find tons of suggestions online), all you need is your laptop, a speaker and a bedsheet. Finally, rent a traditional popcorn maker for a buttery, as-good-as-the-theater snack!

Hit a Baseball Fan’s Party Out of the Park

Take your child’s guests out to the ballgame with a baseball-themed party. The kids can break open a pinata by throwing baseballs at it, trade personalized baseball cards and of course, enjoy favorite ballpark snacks like peanuts and hot dogs straight from the cart. Your child will feel like they’ve hit a home run!

Create Your Own Mini Carnival

The carnival may only come to town once a year, but you don’t have to wait. Make a carnival in your own backyard with tons of thrilling party options. Guests can snack on cotton candy and funnel cake while winning plush prizes. Our carnival games include ring toss, hoop shot, water gun games and more. Kids can also ooh and aah at a juggler, stilt walker or another carnival-style entertainer.

Beat the Heat with a Pool Party

Everyone who has access to a pool should throw at least one big pool party! Plus, you can add extra speed and excitement with one of our inflatable water slides near Bucks County, PA. After a day in the sun, a little ice cream from the cart will hit the spot — just remember to stay out of the pool for 30 minutes after chowing down!

Pick a Colorful Party Theme

Rainbow parties are a wonderful choice for any child who loves bright colors. Guests can show their creativity by coloring pictures, and our face painter can give them each a new look for the day. Refreshing snow cones come in plenty of gorgeous hues, so they are a fantastic choice for this cheerful theme.

Are you ready to start planning your child’s summer party? Call us today at 215-798-0544!