Going to a party with inflatables can be a godsend for both children and adults. While being fun and enjoyable to the children, inflatables can also allow the adults to catch up with each other with minor supervision over the children.


With so many different inflatables to choose from, we here at Fun for Everyone, the leading supplier of moon bounce rentals in Bucks County, PA, are here to help make your decision just a bit easier. Here are four of our favorite inflatables that are perfect for your spring party.




Inflatable jousting pins two people one on one in a battle to see who can knock the other off their platform. In the ultimate battle of balance vs. strength, inflatable jousting helps make children feel like the ultimate warrior while providing good family fun for all in attendance.


Sumo Wrestling


Similar to jousting, sumo wrestling helps create or settle some friendly competition amongst friends and family. Although not requiring as much skill as jousting or any skill now that we think about it, inflatable sumo wrestling helps create the old-fashioned fun of running head first into your friends as hard as you can in an inflatable suit.


Moon Bounce


It’s hard to disrespect the most well-known inflatable piece of entertainment. The moon bounce has been a staple at communion parties, confirmation parties and children birthday parties. The joy of being able to be launched in the air over and over again will never get old for children of all ages.


Obstacle Course


Using the balance, brain power and agility of all of the inflatables list above combined, an obstacle course can keep children occupied for hours. Slow and steady or fast and quick, choose your strategy to conquer the obstacle course this spring.


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