Do you feel appreciated?

Do your co-workers feel appreciated?

Do your employees feel appreciated?

Do your customers feel appreciated?

No matter what angle you approach morale boosting from, it’s clear that valuing your colleagues pays dividends in the business world. In 2016, corporate culture is emphasized more than ever. With enormous companies like Google and Facebook leading the way by implementing progressive policies, small and mid-sized businesses are rapidly following suit.

Does this mean you need to install think-tanks and buy a ping pong table? No. Does this mean you should start being more vocal and transparent with your team? Indeed!

One way to boost morale [which generally boosts productivity] is by holding an Employee Appreciation Day. For smaller businesses, a simple holiday party does the trick. For medium sized companies, one annual party may not be enough.

What’s The Point Of Gathering Your Company Outside the Office?

  • Learn about your colleagues.
  • Team Building exercises.
  • Show your employees you care.
  • Friendly Competitions.
  • Non-work related discussions. (Can Lead Work related discussions / Improving Processes)


How To Throw A Successful Employee Party to Show Your Appreciation:

  • Pick a location central to the employees.
  • Cater the event with a variety of food for everybody.
  • Prepare team building games.
  • Include games that are safe, fun, and competitive. This brings out extra team spirit!

Fun Activities and Attraction Ideas:

  • Inflatables – Inflatables & Moonbounces are safe for people of all ages. Some of them make for great competitions such as races and obstacle courses while others are great for cooling off like water slides. FYI – Fun For Everyone has some of the coolest inflatable slides in the Philadelphia, PA, area.
  • Sporting Events / Field Day Activities – Break up into teams. Set up some 3 on 3 basketball, flag football, or volleyball. Other awesome activities include the tug of war, three-legged race, and water balloon tosses.
  • Mental Exercise – Chess, checkers, board games, puzzles, and trivia are just a few of the awesome activities you can do individually or as a team to keep your brain stimulated.


Although our bounce house rentals are a hit in Philadelphia, PA, we have plenty of options depending on the type of vibe you’re looking for.

Fun For Everyone is the premier provider of event rentals from Bucks County to Philadelphia, PA, and we always put the customer’s needs first! For more info visit or call 215-798-0544 today!

Appreciate the beautiful weather, your amazing co-workers/employees, and most importantly; yourself!
BONUS TIP – Dunk Tanks make a great place to put your colleagues, managers, and even CEOS!