HAPPY SEPTEMBER, FRIENDS! Although summer is over, the fun and games are just beginning. We know because Games are our middle name. Well technically ‘For’ is our middle name (Fun For Everyone). Did I really just say that out loud? Shucks. Anywho…

Some fun events we provided this past June, July, and August, included our moon bounce rentals in Bucks County PA, our water bounce house at Philadelphia PA parties, and our various bounce house rentals across Philadelphia PA.

Here are three ideas for some free games you and your kids can play at your house this fall:

Children Ages 5-9: Duck Duck Goose – Simply classic. Nothing gets younger kids more exhilarated than some good ole’ DDG (Duck Duck Goose). Everybody can sit in a circle outside on the ground while one kid gently pats the others heads calling out “Duck” or “Goose”. If you hear “Goose” and feel a pat on your head, GET READY TO RUN! – Go tag your friend who called you a goose to win!

Children Ages 10-14: Dodge Ball – This game takes minimal setup and never gets old! All you need is a ball and some targets (aka friends) to play with. The objective of the game is to eliminate all of the opposing team’s players by hitting them with one of the four dodgeballs. Don’t be mean though… any shots that land above the shoulder do not count!

Children Ages 15+ Flag Football or Two-hand Touch Football – September is here, and so is football. From Thursday-Monday, there’s always a game on (high school, college, professional). Stop sitting on the sidelines and suit up in your favorite mesh shorts to take advantage of perfect outdoors weather.

If you have any ideas for other games that are worth playing, send us your suggestions, and they may be featured in our next blog. Also, let us know some of your best Halloween costume ideas before October (we will be writing about Halloween related inflatables and attractions).

To learn more about how Fun For Everyone provides fun for everyone, visit http://funforevery1.wpengine.com.  We can’t wait to hear from you!