If you’ve got a toddler running around, you already know that little ones love to get their hands in everything, and if you’re planning a birthday, chances are he or she wants to help with that too!

While most toddlers aren’t mature enough to help blow up balloons, write invitations or help bake the cake, there are a few ways that your eager little one can help feel like he or she is taking a more direct role in their birthday party planning.

Here are three ways you can get your toddler involved in the fun!

  • Let them choose the basic theme. As soon as your toddler can talk, he or she is already full of ideas. While they might not be able to come up with a clever theme for the party on their own, your little one can look at pictures on sites like Pinterest or Facebook of other children’s birthday parties and ask what they like. For example, if your child seems excited by animals or clowns, you can rent a cotton candy machine in Bucks County, PA from us here at Fun for Everyone and cotton candy machine to make an exciting circus party!
  • Get creative with cupcake decorating. Does your little one love to help in the kitchen? Instead of a traditional cake, allow your son or daughter to help out with cupcake decorating for each guest. Between sprinkles, candy and frosting, your child will have endless fun playing baker for a day!
  • Allow them to help pick out favors. Party favors are a fun and small way to help a young child have a hand in planning his or her party. Take your little one to a party supply store, and allow them to pick out small gifts for their guests. No need to make them stick to the theme. Allow your child to explore and choose toys or trinkets they think guests will enjoy.

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