As summer begins to wrap up, many families are squeezing in their annual family reunion before the kids head back to school in the fall. Planning a family reunion can be fun, exciting, and even a little bit stressful!


Remember to take steps to inject a little bit of fun into the events. A fun family reunion will increase bonding, and allow you and your loved ones to make even more memories! Follow our quick tips for an even more fun family reunion, and remember to bring the camera!


  • Make sure the outdoor space is cool. August can be one of the hottest months! If you are planning your family reunion in an outdoor space, make sure to keep everyone safe by providing plenty of shade to cool down in. Event rentals in Philadelphia, PA can often provide you with artificial shade from tents, which can be easily moved and relocated, as well as disassembled at the end of an event. Make sure also to provide plenty of water to stay hydrated, and to take a break from the sun every few hours! Not many people can have fun with a sunburn!


  • Embrace your inner child. For many families, family reunions are a time to revisit the memories made during childhood- what better way to bond than to tap into you and your guests’ inner children? Adding some fun (like taking time to rent a cotton candy machine in Bucks County, PA or doing a little face painting) will help to ramp up the fun factor for both the young and the young at heart!


  • Play some games. Everyone loves games! Outdoor games are an excellent way to let loose and have family-friendly fun. If it is hot outside, Slip-n-Slides and water balloon games are a great choice to stay cool and have fun!


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