Fun For Everyone is the authority on providing entertainment for birthdays, company parties, graduations, religious holidays and virtually anything worth celebrating! We take pride in providing safe activities that are entertaining for the entire family. Trust us…We’ve been servicing Bucks County, PA, with moon bounce rentals for years!

Just because winter is upon us does not mean the fun stops. Actually, winter is the best time to get out and about (because everybody else is staying in). Here are three family-friendly activities that will keep you smiling from November to March:

1 – Snow Games – Or regular sports/games if mother nature doesn’t cooperate. This activity is great because it doesn’t cost a thing. All you need is a ball, a jacket, and friend or two, and you’re set. Some wintery sports we recommend include:


    • Football – Flag football or one-hand-touch is ideal for children under the age of 12. For teenagers 13-17, two-hand-touch is ideal, and for anybody over 18, tackle can be played (but only if it is in a safe, grassy area that is covered in soft, powdery snow).


  • Dodge Ball – The fun part about dodgeball in the snow, is that even if you slip, you land on a mattress of fluffy snowflakes, and you won’t feel a thing. Be sure to wear a winter hat and gloves to protect your head and hands from frostbite. 


  • Capture The Flag – Capture The Flag, Hide & Seek and other classic games are great at any time of year. Don’t let the brisk air hold you back – go have some fun!

2 – Movie/Meal Combo – Just because you go out, doesn’t mean you have to stay outside. Gather your friends and check out the hottest movie and then go grab some food at the nearest buffet so you can all share your feelings about the film. Everybody gets to be a critic while they eat. It’s a win-win. Just don’t eat too much popcorn or candy at the theater and ruin your appetite!

3 – Ice Skating – This activity is great for groups both large and small. From family reunions to romantic evenings, ice skating is a perfect way to have fun and exercise and the same time.

If none of those things interest you, check out our selection of Philadelphia (PA) bounce house rentals. You can’t go wrong with inflatable entertainment even in 40-degree weather. Stay warm, and have fun!