If you’re gearing up to throw a company picnic for you and your employees this spring, you might feel like you have a lot on your plate. Fortunately, Fun For Everyone is here to help! Below are some must-haves for the big day: 


A picnic isn’t a picnic without food! Whether you’re looking to incorporate some authentic carnival attractions or just have some fun grub you don’t get to enjoy every day, our food truck rentals near Montgomery County, PA, can deliver—literally! We’ve got hot dog carts, cotton candy machines, snow cone makers, popcorn machines, and more. This is an ideal choice if your fellow employees have children they’re bringing to the event.


Introduce a little healthy competition with games! From team building to sharing a laugh, there’s always something positive to be gained by getting active during your corporate picnic:

Picnic Games

You’ve got your classics: volleyball, Olympics-inspired relays, horseshoes, etc. Then you’ve got your more daring or unconventional activities: a pie-eating contest, three-legged race, or even a scavenger hunt. Whether you’re sticking with some tried-and-true games, incorporating some new ones, or doing a mix of both—make sure you have activities that everyone can enjoy.

Dunk Tanks

Teamwork is all well and good, but there’s something so satisfying about taking the slippery seat out from under someone! A dunk-tank is the only time you’re encouraged to drop your co-worker in a tank of water—take advantage of it! If you’re feeling brave and could go for a dip, step on up and see how close your fellow employees can get to dropping you in the tank.

Inflatable Games

While they’re a hit at most children’s’ parties, inflatable games present a unique (and often hilarious) challenge to adults. We’ve got plenty of fun options, including inflatable sumo wrestling suits, basketball hoops, and obstacle courses!

Memorable Takeaways

A crucial thing to remember when planning a company picnic is why you’re planning it in the first place. Whether it’s your organization’s anniversary party, or you want to celebrate how well business is going — know that without hard-working employees, there is no company. So think of ways to thank them! Host a raffle for some appealing prizes, personalize a company picnic mug or souvenir, or set up a photo booth so your employees and their families can remember the day of festivities. Also consider making a speech thanking each department for everything they do. 

This isn’t a day for brainstorming strategies, leveling criticism, or the “brass tacks” you might otherwise get down to any other day of the week. This is an opportunity to bond with those you work with outside of the office! For more information about how we can help you with your company picnic this spring, perhaps with our party tent rentals near Bucks County, PA, contact Fun For Everyone today!