Festive Holiday Lights Brighten a Dark Night

From the food to the festivities, many people look forward to the exciting and memorable parties accompanying each holiday. The atmosphere is crucial to fostering a holiday party that guests will remember for years to come, and having the event outside is a great way to accomplish it, regardless of the season. Here are some tips for planning an outdoor holiday party.

An Outdoor Holiday Party Requires Warmth

If you plan to have your holiday event outdoors, you should consider the season’s temperature. Winter is much colder than other months, especially at night, and you won’t want those on your guest list to feel chilly when they’re supposed to be comfortable. Having your party around a fire pit or bonfire will help provide warmth. Alternatively, homes that do not have fire pits can instead utilize outdoor heaters to warm up the night.

Though fires provide a welcoming atmosphere, there are other ways of warming up your guests. Prepare baskets of warm and decorative blankets ahead of time so guests can wear them as they relax. A unique way to warm up guests is by hosting an ugly sweater contest. Not only will it be a fun event, but the cozy sweaters they bring can provide additional warmth.

Light up Your Outdoor Holiday Party

There’s less sunlight during the winter season. As a result, those who intend to host a holiday event outdoors need to ensure that their guests can see the festivities. Hang string lights in your trees or patio, install tea or fairy lights to set an atmospheric mood, or use color lights to add to the fun. 

Serve Festive Foods and Drinks

It isn’t a party without refreshments, and at a holiday event outdoors, it’s no exception. Prepare festive snacks like Christmas cookies for guests to enjoy as they converse with one another. One fun way you can offer drinks is by setting up a self-serve holiday bar! Guests can create their own alcoholic beverages like cocktails or make their holiday punch, coffee, tea, or hot chocolate.

Don’t Forget the Kids Attending the Outdoor Holiday Party

While alcoholic beverages can liven up holiday parties, ensure that there are non-alcoholic beverages that children can enjoy. You’ll also have to make sure that they won’t become bored at the event. Having activities, such as games or showings of Christmas movies, will help keep them entertained during the party.

Incorporate a Gift Exchange Event for your Outdoor Holiday Party

Lastly, if you’re hosting a holiday event outdoors, you may want to incorporate a secret Santa or white elephant gift exchange. However, in case someone forgets their gift, be sure to have a few extras on hand so everyone can take something home that night.

Additionally, you can send guests home with a festive parting gift. By sending guests off with an ornament, scarf, or another seasonal gift, they’ll be able to bring something home that will serve as a reminder of your holiday-themed event.

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