buffet at graduation party

Graduation is a milestone to commemorate, and a graduation party is one opportunity for new grads to celebrate with family and friends. There are several ways to honor a graduate with a get-together, so how you choose to do it depends on your graduate’s preferences, budget, or circumstances, such as pandemic precautions. Consider these tips for planning a successful graduation party.

Decide on a Format for the Party

When you think of a party, do you picture music, food, drinks, dancing, and mingling into the night? For many people, that would be the perfect gathering. However, when planning a graduation party, the event will depend on the guests you choose to invite. If you invite guests who are not old enough to drink, cross alcohol off your list. With party tent rentals in Bucks County, PA, families throw some fantastic, alcohol-free events. The party can include lots of tasty finger foods, the honoree’s favorite playlist, dancing, games, and mingling with guests.

“Come and go” or “drop-in” parties became popular during the pandemic. Guests stop by with gifts and practice social distancing while spending a few minutes visiting the graduate, then pick up a light boxed meal or snack for the road.

When the group is mixed, with individuals from all age groups, a cookout or picnic is a fun way to celebrate a graduation. Rent a tent and set up tables in the backyard, and bring out the grill, or order some catered goodies and you have a party.

Create the Guest List

Once you decide on the type of party you want to have, make the guest list. Ideally, the list should include people whom the guest of honor will be excited to see. Send invitations out early because some of your guests may get multiple invites since graduation dates for colleges and high schools are usually close together.

Tell Your Neighbors and Homeowner’s Association

Some neighbors become annoyed with loud music and cars parked on the street. Let your neighbors know your plans, as well as the start and end times. You will give them time to make plans if they prefer to be away from the area during the party. You may need to inform your homeowner’s association, especially if there are ordinances regarding noise and on-street parking in your neighborhood.

Plan for Plenty of Good Food

The food can make the party, whether it is pizza, wings, or burgers with all the fixings. Rather than doing all the cooking, let a caterer prepare the graduate’s favorites, or at least have some of the food catered. You will enjoy the event more if you don’t have to be responsible for all the food prep.

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