an outdoor party

The way we celebrate continues to evolve and change throughout the years, and 2022 is no exception. Many party trends have emerged in response to the pandemic, and hosts are hoping to shake things up and innovate with new ideas. If you’re looking to host a memorable party this year, here are four of the most popular party trends for 2022 events.

Twists on Classic Party Features

While many beloved party elements have returned for 2022, they’re experiencing new and exciting twists. Balloons and décor have grown much more lively and colorful to accompany social media photoshoots, but that isn’t the only change they’ve seen. Some have opted to incorporate balloons into a decorative mosaic or cluster them together to make a cloudlike decoration. Alternatively, some have chosen to pick more dynamic balloon shapes, such as stars.

2022 party trends are also seeing an overhaul for birthday cake decorations. Candles of distinct shapes are growing more popular, for instance, as it allows for more personalization than regular ones. Additionally, some cakes have been adorned with festive banners that proudly display the name or age of the birthday celebrant.

More Exciting Food Options

People who are tired of home cooking during the pandemic are seeking out bolder and more exciting flavors. This party trend has led to more adventurous meals that favor creative catering and eye-catching displays that deviate from the norm. Some examples include ethnic dishes or fusion cuisine, along with elaborate cakes and dessert platters that stand out from the crowd. Additionally, some party hosts are opting for more innovative meals, such as food trucks and ice cream bars, that help foster a more memorable experience.

Covid-Inspired Themes

The gathering restrictions created by the pandemic have inspired a variety of party trends in 2022. For example, some popular party ideas for those who missed out on celebrating milestone birthdays or other significant events in their life, such as a graduation or marriage, are hosting catch-up parties now that mandates have been tempered. Furthermore, some individuals have chosen to host micro-events with a smaller guest count for more intimate celebrations with close friends and family.

Outdoor Events Offer Nature and Space

Many notable 2022 party trends pertain to hosting events in outdoor spaces. After spending so long indoors, many wish to celebrate their parties outside in nature. With captivating foliage as your backdrop, the natural environment can be the canvas for your party. It’s also the perfect opportunity to have s’mores at a bonfire, which isn’t possible when celebrating inside.

Other popular party ideas utilize the greater space offered by an outdoor setting to make events bigger than they were before. Creating a circus or festival-style event is possible with a large outdoor area and allows hosts to go all out with large decorations and entertainment options. From live music and performers to bounce houses, there’s no shortage of choices to choose from when celebrating outside.

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