Ways to Make Their Big Day Extra Special

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As a premium party rental company, we offer character, face painting, and party tent rentals in Bucks County, PA, and surrounding areas. We specialize in character entertainment, catering, interactive games, inflatables, and much more. Below, we’ve listed some of our favorite tips on how to make your kid’s birthday the best ever.


Give them a Special Wake-Up Call!


When it’s time for your child to wake up on their birthday, why not stand over the bed and shower them in balloons and ribbons? Either this or scatter balloons all over their bedroom so that they wake up full of excitement for the special day ahead!


Make them a Special Birthday Crown:


You know what your child loves best, it would be awesome to make them a unique crown bejeweled in their favorite colors or adorned with their favorite superheroes for their special day. Remember how amazing and exciting just the smallest details were when you were a kid? Feed their imagination to help them have a remarkable and memorable birthday.


Dress as Their Favorite Character:


What better surprise could there be than your kid waking up to mom and dad dressed as their favorite superhero or cartoon character? Even if you don’t do this, dressing in their favorite color will add to the excitement for their special day.


Let Them Decorate Their Birthday Cake:


We all know that kids take great pleasure when they are allowed to help out with grown-up responsibilities. Why not bake them their favorite type of birthday cake and then let them decorate the cake with a range of frostings, candy, sprinkles, colored icings, and sauces? This will be a fun and possibly messy exercise, but it will certainly brighten up their birthday.


Cuddle up With Their Favorite Movie:

It could be the Disney classic that you’ve sat through a hundred times. But just watch how their face lights up as they relive the magic again and again. Why not end their special day with some snacks and drifting off to their favorite movie? This would surely add a perfect end to a perfect day.


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