A smiling woman holding a covered food tray.

If you’re planning to host a large event, you’ll want to consider how and what to feed your guests. Whether you host your event in a banquet hall or rent a tent for your festivities, you can have your event catered to complement its theme or occasion. From formal meals to fun, kid-friendly treats, catered cuisine is often an event focal point. Use the following ideas to help you plan your catered event.

Choose Foods That Keep with Your Event Schedule

Whether you’re hosting an outdoor corporate affair with speakers or a children’s birthday party, you’ll want to choose foods that complement your event and its schedule. Foods that are messy or inefficient to serve can throw your event schedule off track. Consider the nature of the event carefully when choosing what foods to serve. If you’re on a tight schedule, a pre-prepared box lunch might be the ideal solution.

Offer a Choice

Your guests will appreciate having food choices, and in some cases, food choices are absolutely essential. When working with a caterer, you’ll want to ensure that there are some peanut-free and gluten-free options for guests who have food sensitivities or allergies. Offer vegetarian and vegan options as well. If you’re planning to serve burgers, you might offer a choice of beef, turkey, and garden burgers.

Equipment Considerations

As the event planner, you definitely want to check to ensure that your caterer will supply the necessary equipment to keep cold foods cold and hot foods hot as a matter of food safety. You may need to rent equipment for your event. You might also want to rent cotton candy or popcorn carts depending on the nature of your event. Be sure you have plenty of tables to serve your catered foods as well.

Keep these catering tips in mind when you plan your next large event. Whether you’re planning a wedding reception, family reunion, or business event, you can ensure your catered foods are on point. For Bucks County, PA, party tent rentals and food cart rentals, contact Fun for Everyone. We can help you create a memorable event with its wide range of services!