Throwing a backyard party is an excellent way to allow partygoers to enjoy the fresh air while providing them with the ability to be boisterous. This is also an option that can help you to keep the interior of your home clean without having to put a damper on the fun.

When you’re preparing for a backyard party, there are several things that you need to consider. Remembering to plan to get these basic supplies can help you to ensure that everyone has fun with minimal effort from you.

Protection from the Elements

The core piece of equipment you need for your party is a tent. You can rent a tent just for your event. Be sure that you choose one that’s large enough to accommodate everyone. Even if it isn’t supposed to rain, the tent can serve as a shady spot where people can escape the sun. This is an ideal space to serve food or to encourage people to mingle.

Tables and Chairs

If you’re going to serve food, you need a place for people to sit and enjoy their meal. Tables and chairs provide an appropriate place for this. You can rent these items, which is a much less costly option than having to purchase them. It’s always best to get a few more than you think you’ll need just in case there are unexpected guests.

Flooring and Lighting

You might be comfortable with having the bare ground as the floor, but if you’re hosting a nicer event, this isn’t the best option. Instead, you can rent a floor so that guests have a hard surface to walk on. You could even move the tables and chairs to create a dance floor under the tent. The lighting is ideal if your event will transition from daytime to nighttime hours.

Linens, Silverware, Glassware, Service Items

Tablecloths are ideal for most events. They help to provide a clean surface for the partygoers, and they protect the tables. You also need to find silverware, glassware, and service items for the event. These might be washable, but less formal events might only require disposable items.

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